There might be several reasons for you to start a business. This could be because of creating your own working environment, setting your personal deadlines, freedom, flexibility and a lot more.

Running a small or large business can be a challenging task. It’s no surprise that there are tons of businesses across the globe. Surviving in a hugely competitive market is not easy. If you’re planning to start a business, you need to focus on time, hard work and money. There are several factors to consider before even starting your business. It includes the business idea, expertise, finance, employees and more. Many businesses are paying more attention to developing their business with an excellent testing team. Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Importance of Testing
Testing is an important part of the software development lifecycle. When testing is implemented in the proper way it reveals errors, bugs and inconsistencies in the newly designed software. Simply put, testing will identify the errors during the software development phase. Testing each and every single unit is vital for a software tester. Because when all the units perform efficiently, the software product becomes successful. Testing will ensure the quality of the software. Ultimately, clients or customers will choose your software in the market.

Hope you understand the importance of testing. If you’re eager to learn the testing as service trends, continue reading…

10 Testing as Service Trends you Should Know Before Even Starting your Business

Agile and DevOps
Agile is the most common method used in business. Keeping it simple, it’s an iterative method to software development. This approach will help the team deliver the task in small or increments. During this approach, requirements and plans are constantly evaluated to adapt quick changes that are necessary. DevOps includes rules, software and tools. DevOps plays a crucial role in developing a product. But how? With the help of these rules and processes, the operational activities often reduce the time while developing software. This is the perfect solution for the one who is looking to deliver in a short period of time.

While adopting Agile and DevOps, it helps businesses to deliver an effective and quality product faster. The trend has gained a popularity from the past five years.

Test Automation
Software Test automation is an important process that every team must follow. Because this process will make the use of specialized tools to manage the software. Here tools are used to execute and test each and every unit. Also, compares the actual result with the required result.

In order to execute DevOps processes efficiently, keep an eye on test automation. Test automation is one of the efficient ways to provide quality assurance. As per the analysis, there are more than 44% of businesses expect to automate over 50% through automated testing. These businesses use popular and quality automation tools like Selenium, TestComplete and more. These tools are offering excellent features that are helping the team to test the software much easier and faster.

Artificial Intelligence in Testing
Artificial intelligence is making testing smarter!!!

Artificial intelligence or machine learning are used by many organizations to optimize their automation testing strategies, process and adapt faster. The operations and processes are done more effectively through AI/ML. With the recent advancement in AI, many people are switching to AI to test their software. Artificial intelligence is developed and designed with the advancement, therefore it is capable of generating better test cases and reports. The service is also offering smart analytics to support the business to detect the errors or faults, areas of risk and more.

Mobile Test Automation
Mobile application testing can be done through manual or automation. Let’s discuss the mobile test automation

With the rise in the use of mobile phones the trend of mobile application development is increasing its popularity. To fully assist and support your DevOps, it’s important to consider mobile test automation. It’s no surprise that currently, the utilization of this method is pretty low due to lack of tools. But automated testing for mobile applications will continue to grow by introducing advanced methods, processes and tools.

Big Data Testing
No matter whether you’re running a technology or telecom business, Big Data will play an important role during testing.

As the term indicated “Big”, the testing is processed on big data applications. Big Data testing ensures that the application is working perfectly and compares the actual result with the expected. The ultimate goal of Big Data testing is to ensure that big data applications work effectively, bugfree and smoothly while looking after the security, protection and performance.

Big Data testing is capable of dealing with a large number of data volumes, data types and more. On the other hand, the testing is helping the team for better decision making with accurate validations. However, Big Data testing will grow as businesses are moving towards “data-oriented”.

Regression Testing
Did you know that regression testing is the popular software testing type available in the market? Yes!!! Regression testing is the process of re-executing the test cases to check whether the software or application is meeting the previous requirements with new changes. Regression testing should be done when the team introduces a new feature in the application. The regression testing detects new bugs quickly in the application.

Regression testing is a powerful tool that should be used especially when your team makes continuous improvements or changes in the application.

API and Services Test Automation

API – Application Programming Interface
In software development, API works as middleware between user interface and database. The API will enable communication and exchange the data between one software to another without manual efforts.

Hurray!!! Get your hands on API and service test automation. Because decoupling the “client-and-server” is the new norm while developing both website and mobile applications. Many people prefer to use API and services. But why? These can be re-used in one or several applications. Sounds amazing right!!! If you’re running more than one component, API is the best choice for you. But picking the perfect software for API is more important than ever.

User Testing
If you want to get a real-world experience, User Testing is the right solution for you. It is one of the most important software testing types that is gaining popularity from the decade. Here, the real users will take-up with the role of software tester to test the application functionality and services.

User Testing as the name indicates users will test the application without additional support. The real users will thoroughly test the application by considering multiple real-time use cases such as feedback, reviews and more. As a result, the trend will improve your application for your end-users. This is often the best practice for gaining valuable insights from the end-users and understanding how they’re dealing or feel about your product or service.

Performance Testing
Website crashes, application defects and performance issues are disturbing the online space. When your application gets crashed, it’s obvious users will switch to another application and would never ever wish to get back to you. If you want to become successful in the current world, you need to deliver an application that is great in performance.

Many experts believe that website and mobile applications that perform effectively under different loads should seem to deliver an excellent user experience. It’s important to deliver high performing applications to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Integration of Tools and Activities
Developing an effective quality is impossible without the right set of tools. Also, it could be harder for your team to test the application when it is not integrated with other tools. It’s important for the teams to integrate the necessary tools that are probably required during the development process and other activities.

Let’s consider integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning help to detect the areas that you need to test on.

Hope you understand the importance of testing. If you’re the one who is planning to start a business, you should have a look at the above-mentioned testing as service trends. Along with these trends, you can also use other testing trends to develop high performing software without any hassles.