We provides complete polymer 3D printing solutions for every stage of the product life cycle, across design, manufacturing, and healthcare. Learn how we are helping the world’s leading organizations change lives, gain business agility, and seize competitive advantage with additive manufacturing.

We visualize a world in which ideas become reality through 3D printing solutions. The imagination of the human mind is immense. The limitations are physical ones that we can overcome. We are freeing engineers, manufacturers, educators, designers, doctors, and other creators from those constraints. Through the potential of additive technologies, impossible human challenges become possible.

We empower people to create unbounded for an economical, personalized, and sustainable world.

Medical and Healthcare

Discover how our medical 3D solutions are making a difference. Dynaflex use the J700 for accurate, high-output of clear aligners.


Our 3D printing solutions is helping to improve the lives of factory-floor workers.


Engineering and Lifestyle

Bring Products and Solutions to Market Faster

Discover the magic of 3DFashion.

Driving Innovation with 3D Printing. 3D printing has the potential to change everything – and we’re at the forefront of the transformation.