Performance Management System

Align Your Employees Performance With Organisational Goals

Your employees are an asset to your organisation, Their performance directly affects
your growth. It is important to analyse and evaluate an employee’s performance to
maintain and achieve steady organizational growth.

Arvensys helps you to set up a performance-based system which will provide you –

  • Data to find skills and knowledge gap of employees and improves them through
    training, coaching, and mentoring system.
  • Structure process to motivate employees to take up new challenges
  • To defuse any grievance and conflicts among team members
  • To assess employee’s performance fairly and accurately
  • With clarity on employees target to achieve better results
  • With a platform to discuss, develop and design individual and department goals
  • With scope for under performer to get better guidance and training


What Arvensys Does?

  • Measures each task completion and its effectiveness
  • Measures individual staff and team performance
  • Operation and Strategy dashboard analytics
  • Measures the objectives and KPIs through a balanced scorecard.
  • Set specific, measurable, and time-bound goals
  • Provides appraisal, feedback, rating, and mentorship

Image: Purpose of Performance-based system

1. Strategic
2. Administrative
3. Communication
4. Development
5. Organisation Maintenance
6. Documentation

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