Inadequate performance is a silent killer.

Fast and reliable performance testing is the only way to achieve large scale usage, increase user acceptance, accelerate growth, and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Website load testing

Supporting all web technologies, WebLOAD lets you understand how your website behaves under load.

Cloud load testing

WebLOAD provides three options for running distributed, cloud load testing, using self-managed or SaaS deployment.

Continuous testing

Automate performance testing by smoothly incorporating it into your DevOps CI/CD processes.

The fastest path to actionable insights:

Test Planning

Identify critical paths, define workload model, set performance SLAs and fail/pass criteria.

Test Design

Combine recording and JavaScript with powerful correlation and response validation to build sophisticated load testing scripts.

 Test Execution

Create and execute full test scenarios, simulating thousands of users in different locations based on the defined workloads and scripts. Measure and collect performance metrics for later analysis.

Performance Analysis

Use configurable dashboards and reports to gain meaningful performance insight, pinpoint problems, and identify performance bottlenecks.