Accelerate your digital adoption journey

“The media and entertainment  is a self evolving industry is in great demand to cope up with the drastic shifts in technology, demographic preferences and ubiquity of mobile devices. The way we consume news and entertainment has dramatically changed over the last decade creating challenges as well as opportunities for the broadcasters. With consumers in the driver’s seat, the traditional business models are taking a back seat and in response to that, the content providers and the advertisers are looking for innovative ways to reach customers.

Not only this, the expansion of distribution to OTT services offering advertising-free content is putting tremendous pressure on the margins of many traditional home entertainment companies.

In order to address all these challenges, Arvensys offers you a broad range of services to reduce your cost, streamline your operations, increase your customer reach, monetize your content keeping pace with the changing customer behaviour.”

Optimise your application management cost through by adopting cloud

Manage customers retention & rewards through analytics based loyalty management system
Bespoke advertising platform to allow the advertisers to articulate your brand story
Advanced analytics & reporting services such as churn analysis & dynamic business reporting
Implement seamless mobile offerings for your viewers as well as advertisers on multiple screens

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