Safeguard your business with Automated, Compliant, and Pro-active Cyber Security

Identify and Prioritise Suppliers

Identify and profile your suppliers based on the level of risk they pose to the business

Auditor Panel

Provide as-needed Audit Panel for further subjective assessment of high-risk suppliers

Executive Dashboard

Visualised and easy to understand Dashboards for Contract Owners, Contract Managers and Auditors

Automated Assessment

Automated, intelligent and dynamic assessments remove the time spent on supplier spreadsheets

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Provide relevant recommendations to mitigate any high impact supplier’s risk

Secure Saas

The platform is based on a SaaS model with Customer Data residing in Australia

Through Assessment

Detailed visibility over supplier’s Cyber Resilience, Compliance, Quality Management and Data Privacy

360 degree Data Visibility

Provide a full visibility of Data’s journey and current protection within the supply chain

Cost Effective

Substantially reduce the cost and effort spent on due diligence exercise

forte cyber resilience

Secure Forte specialises in Cyber Resilience assessment via our secure SaaS-based platform (Patent Pending).

Fully automated, intelligent and collaborative solution that continuously assesses the relevance and effectiveness of your business security capabilities.