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The Telecommunications industry has changed radically in the past 10 years as data-hungry customers with smart devices consume a humongous amount of data than ever before. As service providers grapple with the constantly changing demands of digital customers, greater agility will be vital to stay relevant and compete.

Many Telecom Service Providers (TSP’s) and Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) are diversifying their revenue streams, expanding the scope of their offerings and disrupting different industry verticals in the process. Mobile instant messaging providers are adding voice services and mobile payments capabilities to their platforms threatening both legacy and new services offered by Service Providers in the process. Telecom companies must reinvent themselves in the era of smartphones and impeccable OTT services. Organisations that can clearly connect their network and service capabilities with changing customer needs stand to gain the most. Arvensys Technology can help you introduce the next generation.

Customer experience management & Customer Journey Analytics to reduce churn rate
IoT services to provide business insights from connected devices
Customer Self-Service Portal for an unassisted, around-the-clock customer interaction over web or mobile channel
Digital Wallets apps to enable customers manage their finances more efficiently
Omnichannel Apps for an improved customer retention rate

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