Arvensys – Tire Pressure Monitoring System!

A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. A TPMS reports real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a gauge, a pictogram display, or a simple low-pressure warning light.
We have 2 Options: –
• 26 tires
• 22 tires

Our Tire-Pressure Monitoring System services include:

Current Stock in Factory: –

  • 26 tires and it comes in 8set/box = Stock 25 Set available Size of carton 685 x 450 x 290mm, 8.11kgs.
  • 22 tires and it comes in 8set/box = Stock 35 Set available Size of carton 685 x 450 x 290mm, 8.75kgs.

Full set Warranty: –

  • 1 year Shipping cost according to the order Qty of each size.

Terms and conditions: –

  1. This quotation is valid for 30 days from the date of this quotation.
  2.  Payment terms shall be 100% advance along with P.O
  3. 5 weeks lead-time from the day of advance. The delivery schedule will get delayed by the number of days, by which realization of advance is delayed.
  4. Delivery of the products shall be Ex-works
  5. Taxes, Duties and other statutory charges, along with Bank charges, will be Extra.
  6. Shipping charges at actuals shall be the scope of customer.

Product Details: –

TMPS tire pressure monitor Product model: NELTMP-2
Product sub-name: truck solar rechargeable black and white screen display

  1. Display working voltage: DC5V ± 0.2V;
  2. Display with alarm current: ≦120mA; Quiescent current: 90uA ± 30%;
    Display highlight: ≦40mA, power saving mode (the screen automatically dims):
    ≦18mA USB charging current: ≦390 mA Solar charging current: ≦100mA
  3. Display working frequency: FSK 433.92 MHZ±20KHZ
  4. Display receiving distance : ≥15m (inspected according to the requirements of LP505 test program)
  5. Charging time of the display: 6 hours ±30%; continuous work when the display is fully charged: 150 hours ±20%
  6. Display receiving sensitivity: -108dB ±3dB (The instrument test of the production department shall be based on the actual measurement of the sample to determine the standard)
  7. The default upper limit of pressure: 11.0Bar, the default lower limit: 6.0Bar; the default upper limit of temperature The value is 78 degrees.
  8. Display operating temperature: -20 degrees — +70 degrees
  9. Display pressure unit: Bar and Psi can be adjusted optionally
  10. Display temperature unit: ℃ and ℉ can be adjusted optionally
  11. Matching sensor: external H1; built-in NST006 (Select and adjust through the display function)
  12. Sensor low voltage alarm: ≦2.1V. Atmospheric pressure sensor:
  13. Working voltage: 2.2~3.1V Sensor detection range: 0~13BAR2. Sensor transmission power: 3dbm~ 5.5 dbm (REF setting 10 dbm) (The instrument test of the production department should be based on the actual measurement of the sample to determine the standard) 3. The static current of the sensor: 4uA±15% (it will enter the static state two minutes after power-on)
  14. The operating frequency of the sensor: FSK 433.92 MHZ ±30KHZ5, sensor emission current: 15 mA±30%
  15. External sensor operating temperature: -20+80 degrees Built-in sensor operating temperature: -40+105 degrees
  16. Sensor service life: external ≥12 months; built-in ≥42 months
  17. To Special note: The temperature range of the sensor is -40+125 degrees, and the maximum display range of the display is 99 degrees

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