Data Revolution is here!

We are in the middle of a data-led economy where data is revolutionising the way we conduct business.  While the data explosion opens up exciting possibilities, the sheer volume of data alone is not sufficient to make smarter business decisions. We need to have the appropriate infrastructure in place to process Big Data in meaningful ways for a deeper understanding. We help some of the world-leading organisations in setting up their Big Data ecosystem as per their business needs. We advise and implement cost-effective Big Data solutions to extract unprecedented value from your data. Partner with us to make data your strategic asset.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Big Data Consulting

    • Landscape assessment
    • Strategy and Roadmap
    • Technology Selection
    • Capacity Planning
    • Design and Architecture
  • Big Data Implementation

    • Installation and Integrations
    • Ingestion, transformation and processing
    • Governance and Security
    • Performance optimisation
  • Big Data Visualisation

    • Advanced Analytics
    • Reports and Visualisation
    • Dashboards & Alerting
  • Maintenance and Support

    • Monitoring
    • Cluster Configuration, Setup & Maintenance
    • Cloud – On-Demand clusters
    • Upgrading & Patching

Best minds of business are eager to help you find the right solution