Set up your own Data centre of Excellence?

Data explosion, Data science advancements, and proliferation of low cost, high-performance computing like never before have contributed significantly to the adoption of data analytics by enterprises. For businesses, data analytics helps in better decision making, improved efficiencies, higher productivity, enhanced user engagement and improved profitability. Over the last decade, we have seen most businesses adopt advanced analytics in one way or the other and the ones who have made it strategic and an integral part of their organizations are reaping rich rewards.

We have deep expertise in data sciences and we have been implementing advanced analytics projects including machine learning and deep learning to several Fortune 500 customers across the World. With this knowledge base over the years, we have been able to fine-tune our approach, methodology, solution accelerators and processes for any data science engagement. If you are looking for a partner with robust technical skills who would hand-hold you and get you started on your data analytics journey, look no further! We can help you Discover, Evaluate, Implement and Run your own Data Science Center of Excellence in a risk-free way.

Our Methodology:

  • Market Research – We perform research on determining the client’s position in the market. It involves identifying pressing issues, gathering and analysing data about the customers, competitors and current market situation. We also pay critical attention to the imminent risks that the business may face in future.
  • Foundation – We work in tandem with the client to have a thorough understanding of the information landscape, devise a strategy to collect data that reveals target market opinion, lay out a roadmap for building applicable analytics solutions and a mature internal analytics team.
  • Solution – Depending upon the results of the above-mentioned research and foundation strategies, we implement an end-to-end analytics solution. We collect, clean and organize the data from relevant disparate sources. We build a blend of multifarious machine learning, statistical and neural network models. The interpretation from the ensemble of models is used to steer the profitable decisions.
  • Data and Analytics – The insights from the implemented solutions are propagated to the stakeholders and decision-makers. To enhance the ease of analysis, we build customs analytics dashboards that can be easily accessed through standalone applications and custom mobile applications.
  • Hand-over – As part of our hand-over process, we help you with Accelerators, Dashboards and tools that are interactive, insightful and cater to the needs of business stakeholders. Data Insights and Data Quality Report, Design Documents will be the other deliverables.
  • Training and Support – When it comes to training your team, we start with an exposure assessment. Based on the findings we design a training program to upskill your existing workforce. In addition to this, we can also help you hire the right individuals from the market. We can provide you with the support that you need by adopting various engagement models that fit your needs the best. 

Best minds of business are eager to help you find the right solution