Introduction to Augmented Realty

AR/VR (Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality) are among the most exciting technologies in recent years. Many companies belonging to various industries couldn’t wait to get their hands on this technology. This is because they saw a huge potential in this technology that could be useful for them. People have theorized how they could use this technology to develop their businesses. While the Augmented Reality technology has been in development for some it is only in recent years that people have been able to get a glimpse of what it could do. It is a fairly new technology in the market and people are already trying to incorporate it into their businesses. Today you can find Augmented Reality technology is used by various industries.

But the industry that helped to make Augmented Reality popular is the gaming industry. Like always the gaming industry used this technology to create games that give the gamers a more immersive experience. Today various industries like entertainment, health care, marketing, education, media, and e-commerce are trying to use this technology for their businesses. They want to do this as they know that it will help them grow their business. It is 2020 and this technology is more advanced than ever before people are already seeing the applications of Augmented Reality for businesses. You will only be witnessing the growth and usage of this technology from this point. There are a lot of ways in which various industries can use this technology to improve their businesses. Let’s look at some of the important aspects of Augmented Reality for businesses, which is going to have an impact on in 2020


Customer experience

This is something that is completely going to be revolutionized by the technology of Augmented Reality. Till now people have been used to rating a platform depending on its user experience. They would only use platforms that have a user-friendly interface that provides them with a great experience. Augmented Reality has the ability to increase this experience by tenfold. Until now people have been only pressing the button on a screen. But once this technology is incorporated into the businesses people will have the ability to directly interact with the objects they are looking at. They will be seeing virtual objects floating around them ready to interact with them as soon as they touch them. This will not only feel like they are getting a new experience but it also leaves a lasting impression on them.

Social media

There is no need to emphasize how important social media platforms have become in today’s world. You can pick anyone from a bunch of people and most of them would be using more than one social media platform. Social media platforms have been one of the driving sources of generating revenue for businesses. As you know people are more interested in seeing something on their phone than on a TV or other devices. So social media platforms have become the places where businesses are promoting their products and services.

Once social media incorporates Augmented Reality into their platforms businesses will be able to reach more potential customers. This is because Augmented Reality can be used in various ways to reach them. Businesses will be running ads that are completely different and more interactive than now. People will come up with more and more innovative ways to promote their businesses. Even the audience will be paying more attention when they see something new and exciting. Facebook has already announced that it is working on smart glasses that can use AR.

Customer service

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to businesses. If you cannot provide good customer service then you will receive and people will be more likely to avoid buying your products and services. This is why most companies make sure that they provide the best customer service. It doesn’t matter if it is a field service or call center services Augmented Reality can improve customer service. If you are looking for a field service then you may not always get a man who is experienced due to which they can damage the products or make errors. When something like this happens the customer will be very unhappy.

You can use the Augmented Reality technology to make sure that there are no such errors. Workers can just use a smartphone to receive instructions from the other end in real-time to fix or repair something. This will make sure that there are no errors in fixing the problem. It will also help them to train the workers more efficiently without damaging anything. This can also be done when the customers contact them through a call. The customer support staff can look at the problem directly and give them instructions on what to do. It will feel like someone is standing right next to you and helping you with the problem. This in turn improves the user experience of the customer.

Increasing customer base

People love to get their hands on technology as soon as possible. Just look at the number of people using smartphones and laptops these days. It has definitely increased compared to a decade ago. This is the same case with Augmented Reality. More and more people are using Augmented Reality today. So even the businesses have to keep up with the interests of their customers. It is very important that businesses adapt to the latest technology and trends. In the current scenario, it is Augmented Reality. People are more likely to look at a product in 3D than 2D so businesses have to give that experience to the users. The ones that do this will witness the increase in their customer base as this is what they want.


The applications that you are going to see from now on are going to way cooler than the ones you are already using. If you take an e-commerce application that uses Augmented Reality for Business you will be able to look at how big the products are for real. Not only that you can create a virtual avatar of yourself and try on different types of clothes and accessories to see which ones fit you perfectly. This technology can also be used in real-time in places like grocery stores where you can just use their app to find the things you need. You could just enter the things you want and the application will point you towards the things you are looking for.

Companies like IKEA are already using Augmented Reality to improve their business. They have released an application where you can take pictures of the places inside your home and get the furniture that will fit perfectly in the space you have. You can virtually place the furniture at the place you want and see whether it is good or bad. There are various businesses that can use this technology to create applications that provide the best experience for users.


Augmented Reality is the stuff of science fiction. This is something people have always watched in the movies. But in this current time, it has become a reality and more people are looking forward to witnessing its applications in various fields. Needless to say, businesses can benefit a lot from this technology. The business that can successfully incorporate this technology will be more successful than others in the future.